The credit resources necessary for the company’s operations are provided by the company’s own funds, funds raised from the issuance of public bonds, financing provided by AS Citadele Banka, as well as attracted loans from private investors.

In June 2016, AgroCredit Latvia issued 10-year bonds with a fixed coupon rate of 7%, which in August were listed on Nasdaq Baltic stock exchange.

Bonds are a good way to invest your free funds and get a return on them that significantly exceeds the interest on bank deposits.

In order to ensure faster growth of the company’s operations and increase the loan portfolio, we are constantly interested in attracting more new capital. For larger financial investors, we offer individual solutions for the placement of free funds.

The security of loans is determined by several factors:

  • The credit policy implemented by the company is conservative and the loan portfolio quality indicators are at a high level – loan write-offs do not exceed 0.5% of the average portfolio;
  • Management and employees have many years of experience in lending to customers of the agricultural sector;
  • The company has been operating since 2011 and its balance sheet structure and liquidity ratios are formed very conservatively to ensure a low degree of financial risk;
  • The company is audited according to international accounting standards and its bond issue is supervised by Latvian Central Bank;
  • Agriculture is one of the leading export sectors of Latvia and its products are essential goods and, accordingly, the sector is less exposed to fluctuations in economic cycles and crises;