Company AgroCredit Latvia, SIA was established in 2011 with an aim to provide specialized lending services for farmers. Previously the company’s founders had gained more than 10-year experience working in areas like banking, financing of agriculture projects, law and business. This knowledge allowed developing specialized financial solutions adjusted for the various specific needs of farmers from different sectors and Latvian famers use them also as an alternative to classic banking financing.

Since the beginning of the operation the Company has provided services to several hundreds of Latvian agricultural holdings and the number and the amount of loans and total portfolio is continuously growing. We develop the services currently offered and we also think about new services that would be interesting and available to a wider scope of clients. Company’s representatives can be regularly met at different agriculture events and workshops where it is possible to get more information about our operation and lending services.

By choosing the offer of AgroCredit Latvia you have a possibility to receive convenient lending services adjusted to your needs as well as to have a competent financial partner who has deep specialization in the agriculture industry and will always try to find the most suitable solution for you.